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When we were deciding whether to branch out into soft furnishings, we realised a couple of things; firstly we don’t have a huge floor space and secondly, we wanted to offer a product that represented our design philosophies.

So, we digested the fact that we didn’t offer the square footage of a large retail chain and came to the conclusion that we would focus on a classic piece from the 1960’s and now proudly made in Yorkshire.

The Robin Day club sofa is an iconic design and treasured item to many of its owners. It has solid eco credentials and comes in four sizes and a selection of materials and leathers.

Those with with an eye for detail and proportion will undoubtedly find this timeless classic appealing. If you are in our area why not pop in and have a sit down?

We will soon be offering the club sofa range to order online ( Uk customers only ), please check the website again soon if you are interested.

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