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I ordered a couple of copies of the book”Information is beautiful” by David McCandless to sell in the shop. I have to admit to keeping one for myself – it’s such a lovely book.
The concept is fairly simple: to visualise information and present it graphically. The results are so engaging. Text is kept to a minimum and colourful graphs, charts and modern day maps dominate. These graphics illustrate the relationship between facts and the the connections that give information true meaning.
Subject matter is varied too and includes rock geneology, carbon emissions, IQ in relation to job title ( hairdressers come out badly! ) and most popular Google search phrases.
David McCandless describes his book as ” A series of experiments in making information approachable and beautiful.” In my mind his experiments have been a success and wholeheartedly recommend the book.
It has prompted me to consider adding a “book” section to the website, in the meantime heres a link to the Information is beautiful website.

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