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I’ve just placed our first order for Bobble. Bobble is a new self filering water bottle , I have to say that I’m excited about their arrival.

Bobble is a simple idea that aims to reduce the environmental impact created by the global bottled mineral water industry. In the UK alone there were over two billion litres of bottled water drunk last year , thats a lot of money spent and a huge amount of empty plastic bottles. Each year nearly 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to make these bottles, many of them up in landfill or floating in our oceans – not an elegant design solution.

The people at Bobble want to change the way we drink water; The bobble water bottle is made from recycled PET ( free from harmful phthalates and PVC )with a coloured carbon filter that filters tap water and can be used over 300 times before a new carbon filter is needed. You get great tasting healthy water each time you fill it.

It’s curvy form is designed by designer Karim Rashid who has designed, among other things, the Issey Miyake perfume bottle and watches for Alessi .

We hope to get our delivery around the 10th February, the price will be £9.95. They are already on our site for pre-orders. Click here to order

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