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We’ve just got back from ‘Ambiente’ the design fair in Frankfurt………what a great show! It was huge and filled with exciting and inspiring products, so I’m sure snowhome will have a few more best sellers to come as a result.

Whilst we were away Angus took his ‘Bobble’ water bottle (featured below) and everytime he slipped it out of his bag for a drink I was jealous. In total I spent 12euro’s on bottled water over the 3 days we were there. Everytime I went to buy water angus went to the toilet and filled up his ‘Bobble’ saving him 12euro, so that’s definately paid for itself.
On our first day back since the fair we have just taken delivery of 100’s of Bobbles and replacement filters……………………….I know what I’ll be buying after today’s shift. Check out Karim’s little chat about the design:

I’m sure Angus will be doing a nice big post about our trip to Frankfurt and some of the great finds, so I’ll finish here!


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