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I’ve never been a particularly political person. However, as I get older I find that I’m getting more involved especially on a local level, it’s probably in direct correlation with my tax bill.
An issue has just come to light that I believe will affect a large number of independent businesses in our part of the city of York and in particular on Gillygate ( where Snowhome has traded for ten years ).
In their wisdom the new labour council has decided to sell the large coach and car park situated just a few hundred metres from our shop. The facility is a vital for drawing visitors and enabling locals to park and consequently shop in our peripheral street. The council are planning to sell the land for a cheap price to the University and without any form of public consultation, it has more than a whiff of fish about it and probably more back handers than Wimbledon fortnight.
The local businesses are going to do their best to make a noise and try to prevent the proposal going ahead, it feels a bit David v Goliath but it’s well worth a go.
there’s a facebook support page if anyone fancies adding a LIKE to support us just click here.

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