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new website!

We’ve been working really hard other the last few months with our web designers to create a new website, nothing too much has changed in the way of layout etc… we just wanted to bring our site up-to-date, allowing all you iPad and iPhone users to use our site, to allow easy sharing across all social media platforms and most important for all the bargain hunters out there, the introduction of discount codes.

I hope it works well for everyone and feel free to get in touch if it doesn’t, we are still ironing out many creases with this new site, so please don’t be afraid to speak up if there is anything you don’t like, spelling mistakes or something that just doesn’t function properly and we will make sure it is corrected over the coming months.

To get things off the ground, we though it would be nice to offer 20 wordmaps at half price. To get yours enter the following discount code at checkout: FIRST20

We will also be sending out this offer with our newsletter this evening, so act fast.

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a new camera for snowhome


Today we bought a new shop camera so that we can photograph our own images for the new site. We’re no professionals, but I hope you enjoy them!

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We are trying to feel the summer spirit in Snowhome even though the weather has been pretty awful for the past few weeks. Rain one minute, thunderstorms the next.
Hopefully our new Whitby inspired ceramics by Mini moderns will put a skip in your step. We have the mugs, espresso sets and tea plates. Hurry, before they sail away.

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our inspiration



With Angus and John away on their jolly holidays I thought I would post a few photo’s of the strange things that knock around in our studio. During the quiet times, the studio is where we hide away and come up with new ideas, designs and products for the shop. It’s pretty small but somehow it seems to work for us.

All we need is a little fridge to keep our milk fresh for the many cups of coffee that fuel us.
Have a great weekend folks : )

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inspiration + prices

I visited London yesterday for a quick whizz round Clerkenwell design week exhibits. It was beautifully sunny and London felt inviting and vibrant.

It was interesting to have a relaxing wander around the disparate showrooms and exhibitions that make up the Clerkenwell event. I do find it hard to get over excited about much of what I see at shows these days, maybe its cynicism or perhaps a more highly defined sense of realism. Don’t get me wrong, there are some beautifully made and carefully considered pieces of design out there its just that often I struggle to find how they are relevant to Snowhome.

I have always believed that good design should be affordable, imaginative, engaging, useful and appealing, ticking all these boxes is not as easy as it sounds. I often see things and want to sell them but should a utilitarian chair really cost upwards of £300? would you want to pay £150 for a candlestick? I don’t want to turn Snowhome into a design pound shop, pricing is a more complex science than that. I know that objects which are designed with care and attention to detail, that are manufactured in the UK in smaller numbers will not be as cheap as chips – BUT and its a big but, these products have to be viable price-wise.

What I am trying to convey is that there has to be a value for money at the most fundamental level and thats where my sense of realism comes into it again. While realism may vary from person to person the principles that inform the direction of Snowhome are ultimately my responsibility and I need to be comfortable with them, they are perhaps even more poignant during these more austere times. With all that in mind Snowhome moves forward in pursuit of things that we feel proud to sell ticking as many of the boxes as possible.

After all that I saw yesterday this little bird (top of post) from a ceramic company in Japan stood out, I also really liked the simple Croquet shelving system by Michael Marriot, it was good to bump into him again on the VeryGood + Proper stand, he’s a good guy.

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get creative



Look at these lovely stamps and cards by Yellow Owl Workshop. They came to the shop this morning as well as preserve kits by Mac and Ninny. Two very fresh products from opposite sides of the world to lighten and brighten!

Yellow Owl Workshop are based in San Fransisco and are mad about stamps and anything hand printed. They recently launched a book called ‘Print Workshop’ which is also available in our shop. It’s full of projects and inspiring ideas.


Mac and Ninny’s products are all made in the UK from recycled paper. The preserve kits are a great idea for those who like to make jams, marmalades and Chutney’s. It’s just another way to personalise your old jam jars and give them a new life.

So folks……feeling creative yet?

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photo opportunities


I had a strange day last Thursday. It started with a visit to a chiropractor which was a first. The Queen was in York for the day and as I left the chiropractor (in some discomfort) she drove past (she wasn’t driving) , my quickly taken photo captures her/her nose perfectly, only the Queen waves like that.

We drove over to Nantwich in the afternoon to spend the Easter weekend with my sister and family. By a quirk of fate Scott Matthews was playing at the civic hall. If you like Jeff Buckley or Nick Drake then Scott Matthews will probably be for you. It was great to hear him live, a really captivating and intimate gig.

My cheap kodak point and shoot is well known for its inability to take decent photos. So here’s a blurred image and one with the subject cropped.

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york pucket tournament

Some things are best summed up in images:











And one GREAT video, with some comedy editing by John, which is obviously best viewed in FULL SCREEN mode.

Thanks go out to:
– Brian at the Lamb & Lion for being an excellent host and contender.
– Jim the Lamb & Lion chef for whipping up some excellent pucket pies and the worlds fastest pickled egg.
– Pucket for sending us some gaming boards.
– And all you lovely contestants. It was great to have Australians, Americans and Bangladeshians competing as well as us good old English and it came as a big surprise to see Kyle from Minnesota USA, a pucket virgin in the final. Well done!

Buy you’re pucket here.

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turn key



A great new product has just arrived in store. Turn Key is designed by Isreal based brand Monkey Business, it’s the kind of product that will last you a life time and is guaranteed to make you smile every time you use it.

Buy yours here.

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pucket – the tournament

We are going to hold the inaugural York Pucket Championships on 3rd April at 7pm at the Lamb & Lion on High Petergate, York.

There will be a unique Pucket Bucket trophy for the winner and of course a bottle of champagne, all competitors will get a hot pie to sustain/console them.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game of Pucket there is a clip above, it’s fun, fast and incredibly simple. Quick fingers and a steely nerve are an advantage!

Entry forms will be available from the shop from Friday 9th March, the entry fee is a mere £2, Hurry though as there are only 32 places available on a first come first served basis. All of the entry money goes straight into the prize pot. Pucket is available to buy both in the shop and through our site.

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