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Made it back from the city of Franfurt without eating a single Frankfurter. John had one and didn’t recommend the experience. We don’t recommend Lufthansa Airlines either after a booking mix up cost us almost £600 extra to get home on Sunday. The desk staff couldn’t have played the unsympathetic bureaucratic , jobsworth role more effectively if they had spent three years at drama school perfecting the part.

The trade fair ( Ambiente ) is massive, a lot to take in and for once a lot of it was worth taking in! We saw some inspiring stands from suppliers who are under exposed in the Uk so hope to have interesting new items in the shop and on the site over the coming weeks.
Highlights included the +d stand and a fun and fresh collection from German designers @Loony.
We saw nice new things from established brands and suppliers that we already work with. I’m looking forward to getting in some of their new designs this spring.
We’re working on some new ideas of our own too, we hope to collaborate with some of the companies that we met in Frankfurt; more details later on.
We’ll be busy over the next few months as we will be showing off some of our things at the Grand Designs exhibition at the end of April. Lots to do but thats the way we like it!
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We’ve just got back from ‘Ambiente’ the design fair in Frankfurt………what a great show! It was huge and filled with exciting and inspiring products, so I’m sure snowhome will have a few more best sellers to come as a result.

Whilst we were away Angus took his ‘Bobble’ water bottle (featured below) and everytime he slipped it out of his bag for a drink I was jealous. In total I spent 12euro’s on bottled water over the 3 days we were there. Everytime I went to buy water angus went to the toilet and filled up his ‘Bobble’ saving him 12euro, so that’s definately paid for itself.
On our first day back since the fair we have just taken delivery of 100’s of Bobbles and replacement filters……………………….I know what I’ll be buying after today’s shift. Check out Karim’s little chat about the design:

I’m sure Angus will be doing a nice big post about our trip to Frankfurt and some of the great finds, so I’ll finish here!


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There’s a day and a half pre Christmas shopping left at Snowhome and the last web orders were packed and sent yesterday for Christmas delivery . I’m feeling a bit tired and a bit like I’m getting a cold.

So with whisky+ lemon + honey in hand I thought I would add a final post to say thanks to all who have helped and supported Snowhome this year. Although it’s only a small business there’s always something that needs doing and I couldn’t do it on my own. A big thanks to John for his creative input, hard work and humour this year. I ‘m looking forward to working with John on new ideas and projects in 2011. Thanks too to Laura who has been a great help since she joined us in October.
Without wanting to sound like a weepy Oscar speech ( it must be the whisky ) I want to thank all those who supply us with great products to sell and to those who support us by buying it from us.
I know from personal experience that there is a good deal of retail choice out there so I truly value those who choose to spend hard earned money at Snowhome.
As usual I will retreat to a remote cottage somewhere in the Scottish borders with my family over new year for long walks, fun,games and perhaps a little more of the whisky. We will close from 1pm on Christmas eve and re-open on Tuesday 4th July. Orders placed on the website will not be sent until we re-open and correspondence will be answered.
I wish everyone who takes the time to read this a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy year ahead.
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We will be keeping our doors open late on Thursday 18th of November, to celebrate the start of the festive shopping period.

All customers that shop with us that night ( between 5 and 8.30pm )will be entitled to 10% in store discount. So if your heading into town for some late night shopping action on the 18th be sure to park at this end of town and visit us on your way in.

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When I set up the blog I was told how important it is to blog regularly; to inform the readers of exciting events in newsworthy bite sized chunks of information three or four times a week. It’s true that this was my intention.

I read the blogs of others in the design industry, they are filled with daily posts of fascinating foreign trips, insider information concerning the best tapas bar in Barcelona or the perfect espresso in Milan. I read with interest of visits to glitzy gallery openings and stays in boutique hotels.
To be truthful my week hasn’t been very exciting, , I’ve worked in the shop each day so my horizons are limited! however, the new album by Cherry Ghost had had plenty of plays and I can recommend it.
At times like this I’m thankful for the community spirit that is so strong on our little street in York ( Gillygate ). There’s always a friendly face, great independent businesses and I couldn’t do without my coffee’s from Ambience Cafe nextdoor or my treats from Tarts + Titbits.
I suppose the point of this post is to pay a little homage to things close to home which can often be taken for granted – I could do with a holiday though!
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A design that is not celebrated enough!

While swapping over some keys today, I have just realised what a GREAT design the split ring is. Angus and I are constantly discussing products that are just perfect, we have a big list of products we know are perfect in every way, Bic biro’s, paper clips, the list goes on….in fact we will probably post a list on the blog sometime. Anyway I think this is something that is almost always forgotten but yet I can guarantee that everybody who owns a set of keys has one. How many people own a set of keys!?
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That’s more like it……an ice tray that actually helps the user to get the ice out! Beats having to smash it against the breakfast bar only to drop all of the ice on the floor.

You simply Fill QuickSnap with water just like a conventional ice tray. When ice is needed, twist the tray to loosen the cubes and then push each switch on the reverse, in the direction of the arrow, to release one ice cube at a time – effectively snapping each out of its individual compartment.

With QuickSnap you only release the amount of ice cubes you really need, whilst the rest remain secure in the tray and can be placed back in the freezer.

Also perfect for serving ice straight into drinks, without touching the cubes.

The “Quick Snap” designed by Graeme Davies for Joseph Joseph is now available to buy from our shop. CLICK HERE for more info or to buy.

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For some reason I gain great satisfaction in using a fluorescent marker pen.

I’m running the Edinburgh Marathon on May 23rd and the training started at the beginning of the year, my schedule has included three weekly runs of varying length. During these runs I visualise crossing it off my list when I get home, that single stroke of the small fluorescent pen has become a major motivator in my training. I’ll be doing my best to break my previous time of 3hrs 48 mins. I’ll let you know how it goes…
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Some things are designed so badly that I feel compelled to single them out and shame them.

One of my particular dislikes is badly designed door handles.
An object that is used so often and engaged with in such a physical way should be a pleasure to use. Our house (which we bought over a year ago) is full of cheap nasty gold handles similar to the one above. I hate looking at them and I hate using them. There have been so many other things to to in the house that these smaller details have not yet been addressed. I will make it a personal mission to replace them with handles that don’t hurt your hand every time you open the door and don’t look like they were designed by a bored monkey.
I like the series YK by Yoshimi Kono for Valli + Valli .
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This is one of John’s Embrace tables and an Artemide suspension light which were picked up by or friendly local courier this afternoon. Beats a man in a white van in our book, here’s hoping for a safe delivery to their new owners.

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