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Made it back from the city of Franfurt without eating a single Frankfurter. John had one and didn’t recommend the experience. We don’t recommend Lufthansa Airlines either after a booking mix up cost us almost £600 extra to get home on Sunday. The desk staff couldn’t have played the unsympathetic bureaucratic , jobsworth role more effectively if they had spent three years at drama school perfecting the part.

The trade fair ( Ambiente ) is massive, a lot to take in and for once a lot of it was worth taking in! We saw some inspiring stands from suppliers who are under exposed in the Uk so hope to have interesting new items in the shop and on the site over the coming weeks.
Highlights included the +d stand and a fun and fresh collection from German designers @Loony.
We saw nice new things from established brands and suppliers that we already work with. I’m looking forward to getting in some of their new designs this spring.
We’re working on some new ideas of our own too, we hope to collaborate with some of the companies that we met in Frankfurt; more details later on.
We’ll be busy over the next few months as we will be showing off some of our things at the Grand Designs exhibition at the end of April. Lots to do but thats the way we like it!

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