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new website!

We’ve been working really hard other the last few months with our web designers to create a new website, nothing too much has changed in the way of layout etc… we just wanted to bring our site up-to-date, allowing all you iPad and iPhone users to use our site, to allow easy sharing across all social media platforms and most important for all the bargain hunters out there, the introduction of discount codes.

I hope it works well for everyone and feel free to get in touch if it doesn’t, we are still ironing out many creases with this new site, so please don’t be afraid to speak up if there is anything you don’t like, spelling mistakes or something that just doesn’t function properly and we will make sure it is corrected over the coming months.

To get things off the ground, we though it would be nice to offer 20 wordmaps at half price. To get yours enter the following discount code at checkout: FIRST20

We will also be sending out this offer with our newsletter this evening, so act fast.

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