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A great find for us at top drawer a few weeks ago. Pen Loop by the German company Leuchtturm. Leuchtturm have been around since 1917 making quality notebooks and diary’s claiming to be as original as the moleskine, whether they are or not we’re not sure but what we do know is that the pen clip is a great product.

Simply stick this self adhesive tab into the back of your notebook and leave the elastic loop protruding for your pen or pencil. They come in various vibrant colour which we think makes them perfect for archiving/identifying your black leather (identical) notebooks. Yellow could be used for your travel notebook, blue for your sketchbook and red for the notebook that has your plans for taking over the world…..blah blah blah………you get the idea.
I thought I’d blog this as I think it fits the snowhome criteria for a perfect product:
Affordable: yep, only £2.50.
Functional: very easy to use, has made my pen easier to find ever since I took a sample from the show 2 weeks ago. Now, as soon as I pick up my sketchbook I have a pen in my hand, non of that rooting round the bottom of my bag for one anymore.
Aesthetics: Nice minimal coloured stripe hanging out of the plain black mundane notebook, that’s pretty enough for us.
Packaging: very nice, explains the product instantly, and looks like an actual notebook and fits perfectly into the Moleskine merchandiser on our counter. Packaging image below.

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