Gourmet scratch map


Snowhome + Alison Hardcastle


Laminate, card, coloured foi


60 x 80cm


We are proud to release a collaborative product with our friends at Luckies. Our Wordmap idea with their Scratchmap, to create a scratchable word map which encourages you to eat your way around Europe’s signature dishess. The Gourmet Scratch Map is beautiful in black but when you begin scratching the magic happens; reveal vibrant colours which demonstrate in no uncertain terms just how well rounded your taste buds are.

Gourmet Scratch Map has its own website at www.gourmetscratchmap.com so you don’t have to visit the country to try the food, just look up a dish on the website, buy the ingredients and cook it yourself.

An amazing gift for anyone who loves their food and their travel.

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