Malham iphone Case


Crooked as Another (Exclusively for Snowhome)


Leather and Plastic


18 x 13 x 3.5cm (Boxed) 8 x 12.5 x 2cm (Case)


We worked with local manufacturers Crooked as Another who have created the Malham iphone case exclusively for Snowhome.
They skilfully combine modern technology and traditional crafting techniques. Each piece is a true labor of love and an investment of time but they wouldn’t want any other way. Every item is treated individually with care, the whole process is as far removed from mass manufacturing as possible.
The Malham iphone case is a leather wallet, notebook and protective case for an iphone 5 or 5c. Its designed to consolidate some of the items that we use every day and does so with utilitarian warmth and enduring character.

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£ 48.00


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