Little Cyclist


Fonderie Roger


Zinc Cast


5 x 5 x 2cm


The cyclists are still being made in small batches by a family run foundry in France. Three generations have been producing miniature racing cyclists since the 1950’s , each is die-cast in zamak ( zinc alloy ) and hand-painted.Please note paint finishes may vary and slight imperfections may be present.
They fit our criteria of a product with charm and authenticity, each cast cyclist has a personality which is determined by the casting process and the hand painting. No two are the same.
They are supplied in a variety of coloured kits including the iconic polka dot and yellow jersey, each packed in a kraft gift box. They are supplied on a random colour basis, however if you require a particular colour please state this on your order and we will do our best to supply it.( Nb yellow and polka dot is short supply )

You can now order a bespoke jersey for your little cyclist. Whether you want to have one painted for yourself or to give as a gift this Christmas, we will hand paint the jersey to as close as possible to your jersey colours and patterns. If you want to order a Bespoke cyclist please send us a clear image of the front and back of the jersey after you have placed the order through our site, don’t forget to let us know what colour hat you want too.
For a comprehensive range of model cyclist figures please visit our sister site

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