Pizza Scissors




Stainless steel and nylon base


22.5 x 8.5 x 9.5 cm


We all know how incredibly frustrating it can be trying to slice through pizza with a regular pizza wheel. Continuously rolling the wheel across the pizza to reach the bottom of the pizza base, only to find that the pan has been scratched in the process!

These pizza scissors are an alternative to the traditional pizza wheel combining hardened German stainless steel and a non-stick safe nylon base. With a unique spatula on the bottom blade, simply slide under the pizza and cut. The extra long 12 cm blades slice completely through the pizza leaving you with clean-cut slices and keeping your toppings in place.

The non-stick nylon base is heat resistant up to 205°C /400°F. The spatula is great for serving up the pizza, simply pinch between the blades and serve. They are even top dishwasher rack safe, making cleaning up effortless.

A must for pizza lovers and all households!

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