Word Map of the British Isles


Angus McArthur + Alison Hardcastle


200gsm evolution/ 100% recycled


small 60 x 80cm, large 70 x 100cm


The word map is made using selected text that has a certain relationship to its particular geographic location.
Stereotypes, clichés and typecasts help to build an archetypical map of text to chart the infinitely diverse character of the British Isles. Snowhome has worked closely with former employee, friend and illustrator Alison Hardcastle, her typographic skills have turned jumbled lists of words into a   map which is as full of personality as the landscape that it covers.

There are two sizes available, 60 x 80cm and 70 x 100cm. Both fit standard ready made frames.

NB. the 70 x 100 size is currently only available in the blue-black colour.

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From: £ 20.00