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Yesterday was one of those days that seemed to last for more than 24 hours. Because I somehow squeezed an extra few hours into the normal day I was rewarded with an extra helping of odd and memorable moments!
I headed down to Pulse at Earls Court in the morning and spent the day hunting out new things for the shop. The show contained the usual highlights and lowlights ( is that a word ? ). Both Alison Hardcastle ( friend, former Snowhome employee , illustrator and Word Map collaborator ) and Laura Vickers ( friend , illustrator and current Snowhome employee ) were exhibiting and their stands were right opposite each other. I have to say, not that I’m biased, but I thought both of their stands looked fantastic and wasn’t surprised to hear that they had both been busy with orders. I also found some unusual ceramics from Yas-Ming , I’ll be ordering some of the bowls this week.
I had lost my car keys on the beach at Fraisthorpe on Monday ( long story ) and needed to head back to the East coast to collect the car with the spare key, as ever John had offered to help out he had persuaded Big Johnny to give me a lift to the coast so after getting back to York in the early evening the three of us set off.
We were rewarded with an empty beach, a high tide and a setting sun . The decision to bring towels and trunks was well justified and the ice cold North sea swim was both exhilarating and hilarious. An old gentleman who was pushing a jack russell in a pram(!) along the dunes shouted that we were ‘crackers’ which I thought was a bit rich.
With the car rescued we stopped at a pub on the drive home, it was way after 10pm but they offered us their “pie menu”. We got really tasty homemade pies and pretty good coffee, a far cry from the standard frozen junk commonly served at country pubs.
I was home in time for a cup of tea and catch up on emails, I slept well last night.

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