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An unexpected series of events this week ( nothing too serious ) have given rise to a little soul searching these last few days.

The first optimistic days of warm spring sunshine have coincided with the growing realisation that a bright and fulfilling future for us is more achievable through greater investment in our own ideas and creativity.
It’s not a groundbreaking theory or even a lightbulb moment it’s just makes good sense. It gives the news below a little more relevance too!…..
I’ve been developing a new product for the shop for the past two months. We will be launching it at the Grand Designs Live exhibition at Excel in London on 30th April. John and I will be sharing a stand to promote his Embrace unit together with new Snowhome item.
I don’t want to give too much away at this stage but I’ve been working in collaboration with Alison Hardcastle ( friend, illustrator and former Snowhome employee ). I’m really pleased with the work in progress, the final results will be something very new for us. I will post news here before the end of April so you’ll get a preview ( and a chance to buy ) prior to the official Launch at the exhibition.

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