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Summer is Here!

Blogging at Snowhome has been few and far between recently, so I thought I would post a few products that we think will be useful during this surprisingly hot British weather!

The products we have chosen are some of our ice cube related products. The Brrrrr Ice Tray which is shaped like a polar bear and gives you 10 ice cubes in his 10 feet. Great for a nice big jug of juice in this sizzling weather.

Gin and Titonic reaches out to the gin drinkers, little ice bergs and mini Titanic’s floating in your gin and tonic. Fun and tasty!

Whale ice ball mold is a cute whale that will make one large perfect ball of ice which lasts longer as it melts slower.

Moving on from ice cube molds, Eau Good, the water bottle that contains a charcoal stick which helps take the nasty taste out of tap water that some of us just don’t like. Fill it with water from the tap and take it around the park with you, don’t let yourself get dehydrated!

Finally the Barbeque Stamp which will be very useful during this years BBQ season. Stamp your steak or burgers adds a little bit of fun to Chef Ramsey’s BBQ’ing.

Check out all the products mentioned and other products on the site at the link below!


Enjoy the sun!

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