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Thank you John

The finishing touches have been added to our shop refit and I’m really pleased with the results. It feels very fresh and showcases the new products very well, importantly it signals a new direction for us. The shop fit sets the tone for an even more carefully considered range of products, it means looking harder to find things which fit the bill.
Sadly this weekend also saw Johns final day at Snowhome. John has been working here for five years after leaving St Johns University where he studied design. As his final project he designed the Embrace table.I was happy to help John out with some of the basic development of Embrace and proud to be the first retailer of the very first production models. Embrace has gone on to be sold in some of the best design stores worldwide. John came to work in the shop part time after leaving Uni to support his continuing design practice after setting up his own brand John Green Designs, he’s been here ever since but as his own business has grown it has placed more demands on his time and he has now reached the point where he needs to spend all of his time managing things at JG Design.
I’ve been so lucky with my staff, they have all brought something to Snowhome and left their mark and legacy. From day one John has demonstrated a keen eye for detail and a hunger for perfection, flapjacks and microwaved ham salad sandwiches. There are so many elements of snowhome that John has improved and developed with technical know-how and practical skills including our website and recent shop fit, he has set the bar higher for many aspects of the shop. We have also worked together on product ideas and will continue to do this as part of the GreenSnow project. I am very grateful for all the hard work and loyalty that John has given to Snowhome and we will miss him but of course wish him great and continued success with his own brand, I look forward to seeing and selling more of his products in the future.
If you are in York please call in to have a look at the new look Snowhome, we will constantly be adding new things to our carefully selected range.

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