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I used the cold, dark post Christmas months to research a new in house product and I’m delighted to announce that its now printed, packed, finished and ready to sell.

I had the idea for the Word Map about a year ago and have been chewing it over since then, the new year seemed like an appropriate time to invest some time into getting it past the idea stage.
The concept is straightforward; the map is created using selected text that has a certain relationship to its particular geographic location.

The words used range from regional specialities to historical fact, from local celebrities to indigenous species. Stereotypes, clichés and typecasts help to build a graphic hand crafted map of the British Isles.

For the Word Map project Snowhome has collaborated with former employee, friend and illustrator Alison Hardcastle. Her typographic skills have turned jumbled lists of words into a lovingly hand drawn map which is as full of personality as the landscape that it charts.

The map is available as a rolled lithographic print which is printed on uncoated 190gsm paper stock and packed in a tube.

There are two sizes available; 60 x 80cm and 70 x 100cm.

The 60 x 80cm print is available in grey, green or blue-black, the 70 x 100cm version in blue-black only.

Prices : 60 x 80cm – £25.00

70 x 100cm – £35.00

The prints fit standard ready made frames.

It will be launched at the Grand Designs Live exhibition at Excel in London this weekend and is available to buy in the shop and on our website from Thursday 28th April.

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