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Here are the first pictures of our new product – the YouToDo wallchart.

It follows on the heels of I’m as big as…. the height chart which I designed two years ago and has proven to be a top seller.
YouToDo is a 140cm long wall chart and is very loosely based around a children’s reward chart.
There are 66 tasks to complete and coloured stickers to mark your progress. The tasks are designed to encourage an adventurous spirit, creative thinking and a sense of fun. The YouToDo challenges include building a snowman, baking a cake and watching the sun rise. The tasks are aimed at anyone aged 10 years or older and there is space for up to four people to use each chart. I am currently working on a YouToDo kids chart which will be specifically for children under 10 years old.
the first batch is packed up and on our shelves and the early feedback has been very positive. It looks set to be a perfect summer holiday product.
We will add it to the website later today ( price £11.95 )

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