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Bile Beans - T-Shirts With Soul

You asked and we listened. After many requests we are super excited to be able to offer the Bile Beans T-shirt once more.

So what took you so long you may ask? Well, the easiest answer to that is probably sourcing. 

Where, how and why our products are made is really important to us. We want to offer a place that brings joy to your day and tries to have a positive impact along the way; something we don't feel we can do that unless the things we offer are created and traded in a way that tries to do as much good and as little harm as possible for everyone involved (planet earth included)

We all know the clothing industry comes with its own particular challenges, so finding a t-shirt that offered good quality, strong environmental credentials and fair trading was something of a challenge; particularly if you needed it in a particular shade of yellow!

So, we were absolutely thrilled to have partnered with the brilliant Printed by Us in Sheffield to bring about the return of the Biles Bean t-shirt to the shop.


A social enterprise who believe there is hope and a way forward for every person;  Printed by Us offered exactly the package we needed.

They use high quality EarthPositive® t-shirts which see the garments produced from 100% organic cotton, made in factories powered by green, renewable energy (that helps reduce carbon footprints by 90%) and are Fairwear Foundation (FWF) approved, meaning production undergoes annual audits to comply with the FWF Code of Labour Practices.

The good things keep happening too when the blank t-shirts arrive at Printed by Us! This in no ordinary printing company but an absolutely awesome social enterprise helping homeless and other vulnerable people to learn new skills, build confidence and move forwards towards fulfilling lives whilst making some fabulous creations along the way.

With 100% of the profits Printed By Us make reinvested into their work it is powerful and creative model that keeps having a positive impact whilst bringing you a great quality t-shirt you can wear with pride.

So, welcome back Bile Bean tees and we really hope you help to bring a sunny smile day for everyone involved.

Available now in store and online in unisex sizing priced at £29.00 each. View the s-shirts here.