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otaaki™ - see inside.

otaaki™ is composed of about forty employees spread over three continents: Europe (France), America (USA) and Asia (China) working hand in hand with a common goal: to make our world more sustainable and tolerant. Together, although different in their identities, origins or cultures, they share values that bring us together: inclusion, empathy, respect for others… Values also shared by the brand they are proud to work with today. 

otaaki™ is this. A mix. Human values. A family. The human being at the heart of everything.

The see inside motto means a lot to them.  It's not just about transparency and openness in terms of how they conduct their business either. But also about people, in their own words:

"You’re a welcome part of the otaaki™ crew just as you are. We want our customers to feel free to be themselves, regardless of their age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, or religion. You’re welcome here no matter who you call family or where you call home".

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