Bile Beans Mug

Bile Beans Mug


York’s iconic Bile Beans ghost-sign can be found on Lord Mayors walk. The post war advert has been a local landmark for over 70 years and during that period has undergone two controversial re-paintings.
Bile Beans were said to promote “inner health” and touted as a cure-all for just about anything from influenza to constipation . The glossy black pills were devised in Australia in 1899 and became a brand leader in the UK during the 1930’s and were still on sale until the mid-1980’s. We cannot claim that this mug will deliver such radical health benefits.
Perhaps only a gift for Yorkies or those who have lived or studied here, the mug is a little reminder of this unusual piece of York’s more recent history.

Gift boxed.

Size : diameter 8cm x Height 9.5 cm

Material : glazed earthenware

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