conscious consumerism: or trying to do as much good and as little harm as possible.

Shop For The World You Want To See

In a world were we are all increasingly aware of our impact on the people and world around us, we are also aware there are no easy solutions and certainly no perfect ones. 

As human beings we have a species defining desire for acquiring and surrounding ourselves with things.  We believe that could, conceivably, be turned into a real force for good for the many while still respecting the planet we all live on, and we work hard with our partners and suppliers to try and ensure we play our part in this.

We've believed passionately in running our business to achieve as much good and as little harm as possible since we opened our doors in York on Heslington Road in 2017.  So in our collection, you will find goods selected to meet a broad range social, sustainable and environmental responsibilities - from fair wages and working conditions to good environmental practices, responsibly sourced ingredients and community benefit. 

We know that there are arguments that conscious consumerism does not work.  We would simply ask - in a confirmedly capitalist system do we try to find a better way in as committed a way as best as we can, or give in to despair and hand the world to negligent and destructive producers without challenge?