Moments of Slow

If you've followed us from our corner shop on Heslington Road you'll know we've always been big fans of slow living - the idea of trying to find the time and space to live and enjoy in the time things should take without rushing and making your home space a haven.

But we've never really shouted about it. 

And It think that is maybe because so often slow living seems like an impossible goal, particularly for those of us living in busy urban areas, where pressures abound and bills need paying.  When jobs clash with work and all scream to be done.  And the kids need feeding.  And the cat's been sick on the carpet.  And the washing machine has leaked, and the pan burns dry.  Again.

But very recently we've begun to wonder if urban slow living isn't actually all about the micro moment.  The time you grab back - an hour, half an hour, perhaps as little as five minutes to do one thing beautifully.  Time to tend plants; look about as you walk; catch the song of a blackbird or the Minster bells in the distance and pause to listen; write a letter to a friend, or journal; savour a drink and how the cup sits in your hand; sit in your haven and focus on one thing that brings you joy; paint your nails or enjoy a slow fresh shave; smell the scent of perfume and think, be transported. 

Micro moments of slow reset. 

Remembering to stop and smell the flowers along the way.