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Niche Perfumes Made in France with love

Bon Parfumeur is a traditional perfumery, made in France with exceptional ingredients. But is is also a joyful and chaotic perfumery, where wearers are encouraged to test, collect, mix and layer the 100% unisex fragrances with a cheerful disregard to the traditions of who should wear what and when.

Bon Parfumeur offers a range of exciting  eaux de parfums divided into ten olfactory categories, all created by talented French perfumers and made completely in France with the express intention of supporting all aspects of the traditional, homegrown perfumery industry.  They have also taken the decision to work within a lower profit margin model in an effort to make exceptional quality available to as many people as possible.

Or, in the words of its founder:

"I've always loved perfumes. The real artistic perfumery…. I like an authentic and creative perfume and that my perfume of the day matches my desire of the moment. It is from this idea that Bon Parfumeur was born. Since then, renowned French perfumers have joined me in this adventure to bring to life the fragrances of this beautiful house where everyone is free to be and create."

Ludovic Bonneton

 All Cruelty-free and 100% Made in France.

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