National Stationery Week and why we like stationery

It’s National Stationery Week this week: a celebration of all things desk and writing related.

So I thought it was maybe an opportune moment to think out loud here about why we offer so much stationery to the extent that one of our concept thought processes imagines everything we do as a film shot drawing out from the nib of a pen on paper.

At one level, we like to think about stationery as a true everyday household essential: shopping lists, memo notes, to do lists, greetings card and the like, whether you have a desk job or not. So why not make that essential task a greater tactile delight by using a beautiful writing tool, ink colour or paper? You’re going to enjoy the meal and time you make from the shopping list trip, why not slow and find a little pleasure in the anticipation of the outcome at the start? And we’re not talking luxury multimillionaire prices for this either: you can buy the pencil touted as the best writing instrument in the world for £3, a wonderful fountain pen from £22, and sublime Japanese paper to use them on from £6 a notebook.

It’s also all SLOW. Whether it is that list, a card or letter, or the novel you’re just starting, writing on paper involves a little pause and preparation: finding some space, probably sat down, and then a manual involvement that I think encourages reflection. And the plain page doesn’t tempt you with anything else - no doom-scrolling, no games. There is just that one thing in a moment of calm: your mind can focus on what you really want to write or say.