New for Spring 2024: the Kaweco Collection Apricot Pearl Fountain Pen

The revitalising orange hue of the Apricot Pearl is a colourway that Kaweco hopes will awaken the creative mind; a colour that eliminates everyday stress and encourages a refocus on the essentials. The pen’s warm colour is complemented by the use of gold-plated elements, conveying a calm and positive atmosphere.

In addition to its calming effect, the high-quality translucent plastic pen releases creative power and inspires new ideas, especially with its colour-changing properties. Depending on the incidence of light, the subtle orange shimmers in a pearly green and reflects the fresh colours of Springtime.

The packaging completes the overall design - the special paper imitates the visual effect of the pen, and makes the Kaweco Collection Apricot Pearl an eye-catcher even when it is still packed.

While not exactly "Limited Editions" all Kaweco's Collection ranges will be limited in production run: they are not in the standard range so you do only have a limited time to grab yours if you can't life without this beautiful colourway.

Kaweco Collection Apricot Pearl Fountain Pen