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Word Map of York

Word Map of York

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Not just chocolate and wobbly buildings.

We are proud to present the latest in the snowhome Word Map collection - a typographical topographical representation of York.  As with all the maps in the series this one’s about the place behind the place: our home as a compendium of people, places, events and organisations roughly arranged in the locations where you might find them.  

The process of compilation involved some tough decisions in terms of what was left on the cutting room floor.  We believe that what features is a true reflection not only of the city’s very long history (including some of the baggage that goes with it) but of the hugely positive and, we think, fundamentally hopeful place York is today.

Artwork by Alison Hardcastle

Print sheet 60 x 80cm

Portrait format

Printed on FSC Certified or Recycled paper