We're Going Shopping...

Throughout time people have appreciated, collected, traded or bought items: yes for necessity but also for joy, delight and inspiration.  We are creatures who are, in many ways, defined by our connection with things.

So we think that shopping is so much more than just buying.  For us, a good store should offer an experiential place to connect, as well as a place for individuals to explore and discover.

We also believe that this should make shopping can be a slow-experience, where you can pause and connect with the people and places behind the products as well as enjoy choosing the objects you truly want for your home and life: things which will endure both physically and also in their ability to be treasured, used and enjoyed.

But, you can only be a place of wonder and delight if the goods you stock and ways you work have integrity, fairness and kindness at their core; if what you do doesn't come at someone else's cost.  If we work to build lasting and transparent relationships with our suppliers, ensuring they share these values and we can all work together to try and shape the world we want to see.