About Us


Snowhome is a design and lifestyle store in central York, just a short walk from The Minster, the city’s stunning historic cathedral.

We stock a carefully curated collection of design-led products selected to bring joy and connection to the everyday home and ordinary moments of life. 

We believe in good design in its simplest form;  items created with care and of quality, built to endure and enjoy, that fulfill their function well and that are beautiful, affordable and fairly made. 

All our products reflect this and we source from a carefully chosen blend of international brands and local makers who each share our values and vision for joyful, daily living. 

As well as the range you see online,  our in store experience offers additional shop exclusives and, of course, a warm welcome and opportunity to try many of the products on show. 

After 23 years SNOWHOME is still a design store

We believe in the power of good design, that when they are supported by well crafted things, the everyday activities and spaces in our life can be a source of joy and comfort. 

So, what is good design? For us it is not about labels or exclusivity, we believe everything 

should be well designed from a humble pencil to a statement light.  Good design creates products that are a joy to use, stand the test of time and are created with quality and care for the product, the people who create them, the people who will use them and the impact they have on the world. 

We hope that by focusing on good design as an integral part of everything we do we can help create a place where the things we buy can be a force for good, supporting jobs and creativity, sustainable and fair manufacturing and offering products to endure and enjoy. 

Or, put even more simply as the Italian artist and furniture designer Enzo Mari said when asked ‘What is Good Design?’ 

  • Good Is Sustainable
  • Good Is Accessible 
  • Good Is Functional
  • Good Is Well Made
  • Good Is Emotionally Resonant
  • Good Is Enduring
  • Good Is Socially Beneficial
  • Good Is Beautiful
  • Good Is Ergonomic
  • Good Is Affordable

But aren't shops, shopping and consuming bad?

Sometimes maybe - but we believe we're among the good guys:

Throughout time people have appreciated, collected, gifted, traded or bought items: yes for necessity but also for joy, delight and inspiration.  We are creatures who are, in many ways, defined by our connection with things.

So we think that shopping is so much more than just buying.  For us, a good store should offer an experiential place to connect, as well as a place for individuals to explore and discover.

We also believe that this should make shopping can be a slow-experience, where you can pause and connect with the people and places behind the products as well as enjoy choosing the objects you truly want to gift to someone special or for your home and life: things which will endure both physically and also in their ability to be treasured, used and enjoyed.

But we believe you can only be a place of wonder and delight if the goods you stock and ways you work have integrity, fairness and kindness at their core: if what you do doesn't come at the someone else's or the world's expense.  If we work to build lasting and transparent relationships with our suppliers, ensuring they share these values and we can all work together to try and shape the world we want to see.