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Collection: Herr PONG Berlin

*Herr PONG Berlin is a Berlin based independent brand designing and producing leather goods - from small goods to bags; cute key rings to practical wallets.

The company is founded and named after Jay Pong, the designer behind the brand.  Jay is always passionate about fashion-related product design. After graduating in 2011, he immediately began to work for an Italian leather goods brand Fedon 1919 as a bags and accessories designer in Hong Kong.  

After two years working for the Italian brand, Jay decided to move on with his career, and relocated to Berlin working in a leather bag studio Anke Runge Berlin as a leather-crafts apprentice in order to learn how to design and handcraft high-end leather bags and small leather goods from start to finish.

At the end of 2015, Jay has started to produce his own collections with the name Herr PONG Berlin

And why Herr PONG Berlin?  In Jay's own words:

“Since I have moved to Berlin, where ever I go, to meet people, by post, by phone call, they call me Herr Pong.  This is my identity in this city.”  

*(Herr  means Mister in German)

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