Mini Oval Hoop Earrings by William Sharp

Mini Oval Hoop Earrings by William Sharp

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A smaller version of the Oval Hoop, light-weight and easy to wear.

Materials: Silver, PLA


Width: 18mm

Hight: 30mm
Depth: 5mm

About the Maker. 

William Sharp is a contemporary jeweller based in Yorkshire. In 2019, he was the recipient of the Hallmark Studio’s New Designers Award and the Association of Contemporary Jewellers Mark Fenn Award.

Will has a multi-disciplinary approach to his process which involves CAD design, 3D printing and precious metal casting along with hand fabrication. His work focuses on developing jewellery efficiently and responsibly, a key material he uses is the plant based, renewable PLA a commonly used alternative to plastic. The PLA is treated with the same respect as precious metal, and undergoes the same process of hand finishing.