Meet The Maker - Parisian Style

The scents of Spring always bring a little joy to our day; the first buds of new growth pushing their way up towards the sunlight seem to bring with them a new smell in the air; a lightness and promise of the days ahead. 

So, in the first of our 'Meet the Maker' posts, we wanted to focus on two of our partners who focus on fine scents through the quality and heritage of the French cosmetics they make whilst packing a powerful punch in the ways they meet the ethical, affordable and sustainable values that are so important to us. 

 Image showing the locations in France where the various elements of the perfume are made.

Bon Parfumeur Production Map

Bon Parfumeur 

Founded by Ludovic, a perfume loving slow traveller, flower addict and fan of classical reading; Bon Parfumeur is a creative Parisian perfumerie drawing on French heritage to make gender free, sustainable, socially responsible and affordable scents that are fully made in France, right the way down to the label on the bottles.

Wanting to be so much more than manufacturers, Bon Parfumeur is about the community they create; a fun, cheerful and creative brand that works to lower profit margins to ensure they can keep their scents at an affordable price and that make their range in a way that creates opportunities and employment in their home country.  

Image of 602 Perfume           Image of 101 Perfume           Bon Parfumeur 001 Perfume


With ten scent families to choose from, you can select from the citrus notes of the 000 grey label series, the floral notes of the 100 pink label range, right the way through to the wonderful woody notes of the 600 green label options. Each family is easy to spot with their simple colour and number codes and clearly explained scent notes displayed on the label to help you select the option you will love. 

And that is the point, they want us all to harness our inner alchemist to choose scents based on our own personalities and likes rather the working to traditional gender-based selections. They also very much encourage us all to experiment by layering their perfumes together, using their suggested blends or creating your own based on your favourite scents. 

Using high quality, traceable ingredients and local production to ensure ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, they are creating a high quality Eau de Parfum to offer a long lasting scent with a very big heart.  

If you would like to try the range we have eight scent families available to sample in store or buy online.  Whether by phone, email or in person we are also very happy to use our recent Bon Parfumeur training to share their top tips (like spraying your clothes with the scent you like if you find the PH value in your skin is altering the scent) or to help you select your favourite scent. 

Savonnerie Ciment 

Keeping the French craft of soap making alive, Ciment is the brainchild of Solène and Jérémy who have combined their passion and knowledge to create artisan made soaps designed and made in the beautiful cities of Paris and Bordeaux.

 Image of Ciment Body Balm, Face Oil and Lip Balm             Ciment Body Butter - Image of Open Tin .           Image of Ciment Soap  *

Using traditional cold saponification they are created using organic vegetable oils sourced with quality and sustainability in mind. Transparency is key to their products, using as few ingredients as possible to ensure a high quality, allergen free range that is kind to the planet and your skin.

Offering a sensory experience that places equal importance on visually beautiful products as it does scent and quality, their simple graphic designs are inspired by cement tiles to offer clean, colourful graphics and patterns with delicate perfumes, all meticulously created to offer you products as beautiful as they are good.

Handmade in small batches to minimise waste, they also wanted to celebrate the simple, natural routine of slower traditionally made cosmetics; think of gently lathering bars of beautiful soap in your hand or the soft texture of a creamy body butter scooped from the tin. 

With a boxes of soap **, their amazing body butter, lip balm and a face oil on offer their simple, modern and elegant range is available to sample in store and buy online. 

* Please note there is no link from this image as this product is available in store only.

** soap boxes currently only available in store.