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Collection: Bile Beans T-Shirts

An Old-Skool snowhome favourite is back!

The much-loved Bile Beans T-Shirt is on the shelves again with an initial, very limited run of 55 yellow t's.  The front is proudly emblazoned with a borderless and background-free design taken directly from the York sign promising that "Nightly Bile Beans Keep You Healthy Bright-Eyed & Slim". 

York's iconic Bile Beans ghost-sign can be found on Lord Mayor's Walk.  The post-war advert has been a local landmark for decades since it was uncovered by the removal of a advertising hoarding in the early 1970s.  Since that re-discovery it has undergone two controversial re-paintings.

Bile Beans were said to promote "inner health" and touted as a cure-all for just about anything from influenza to constipation.  The glossy black pills were devised in Australia in the 1890s and became a brand leader in the UK during the 1930s and were still on sale until the mid-1980s.

We cannot, however, claim that this T-Shirt will deliver such radical health benefits.

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