SNOWHOME: still a Design Store

We don't mention the "D" word very much when we talk about what we do any more.  That is not because some sort of indifference but because we feel "Design" as a term carries a little very unhelpful baggage.  It is something you feel you have to know about: to be able to understand and discuss quoting various styles, periods, designers, makers, merits and de-merits. 

We see it more simply: design is about making things for and the means of better living. 

A shopkeepers we actively work to a set of long-held principles every time we consider a product; principles that we found encapsulated - much more succinctly than we have ever managed! - by a statement from the late Enzo Mari (an influential Italian Modernist Artist and furniture designer) which was recently quoted by London store TwentyTwentyOne:

Good Design is Sustainable

Good Design is Accessible

Good Design is Functional

Good Design is Well Made

Good Design is Emotionally Resonant

Good Design is Enduring

Good Design is Socially Beneficial

Good Design is Beautiful

Good Design is Ergonomic

Good Design is Affordable

So, while it might not be obvious, SNOWHOME is still a store with good design at its heart - because things and life in the human-made environment are so much better with it, whether that's a piece of furniture, a writing instrument, a perfume or the humble Duralex Picardie glass.