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KINTO - Japanese Lifestyle Brand.

Immerse in the beauty of the moment — slowing down to see the surrounding nature, gathering around for an intimate meal, renewing the mind and body through exercise, or exploring creativity with tools that ignite your passion.

Encouraging warmth, balance, and connection, KINTO creates thoughtful objects that bring comfort and inspiration to the everyday life.

Usability and aesthetic balance

KINTO focuses on beautiful, functional, long-lasting objects that engage the senses.
Focusing on aesthetic balance and usability, each piece is envisioned in conversation with the user to create subtle moments of enrichment.

Product Essence

These are essences that are woven into each KINTO product design:

Balance:  Products are designed to blend in harmoniously with the living space while adding a unique touch. KINTO aspires to bring balance and enrichment to the everyday life.

Detail:  We tend to reach unconsciously for objects that bring a sense of ease and rhythm to our daily life. Each product is thoughtfully designed with consideration for the user's natural movements.

Comfort:  Objects to be loved and cherished evoke a sense of comfort. KINTO wishes to create products that form lasting connections with the user.

Expression:  Materials that age beautifully gain a sense of depth and richness over time. KINTO celebrates the subtly varying expressions of products as their charm.

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