Alum Block by Bloc Osma

Alum Block by Bloc Osma

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Possibly one of the most simple but effect skincare products you will encounter. 

Alum blocks have a myriad of benefits: they are natural astringents, tightening pores and combating oil. They also act as antiseptics, killing surface bacteria.

As a shaving accessory 100% crystalline alum soothes and cools the shaved area while stopping bleeding from minor cuts, or you could use us it a pre-shave for electric shaving. 

Alum blocks are the first known aftershave and some reviewers still state that they find they need no other post-shave product when they being using alum regularly.

They were used by the ancient Egyptians more than four thousand years ago as antiseptics, and many people today increasingly rely on alum as a natural alternative to deodorant.

To use, wet block with cold water, apply to skin as necessary and leave to dry.  Please not that the block will shatter if you drop it (I have when it gets too dry to glide easily along the skin in use.)

Bloc Osma has been producing natural potassium alum blocks since the mid 1950s.  Osma controls it's manufacturing impact by only using ingredients from France in their products.  


55 x 33 x 22mm